Intellectual Property


Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets are all considered intellectual property under both federal and state legal systems, and there are rights and protections for inventors, artists, and authors to maintain exclusive control over the reproduction and distribution of their work. We can help you draft and file your trademark, copyright and patent application to take full advantage of these rights.



Invention is truly an invaluable element of our ever-changing social and technological culture. While an idea can sometimes be attributed to happenstance or luck, it often takes hard work to conjure up the innovations that effectively improve and enhance our lives. We can help you protect the rights to your hard work, whether you need to draft and final your patent application or to pursue litigation.



The creative product of an artist or author can be vital to an individual’s livelihood, and the rights to your finished work should be secured from potential copyright infringement. The necessity of filing a copyright is even greater for those that use the Web to display their portfolio or to distribute their work. As a seasoned intellectual property attorney, Michael Bootcheck can help you safeguard your creative works.



A brand logo or design becomes much more than just an aesthetically-pleasing marking once it gains recognition and familiarity with your audience. Thus, it is crucial to secure your rights for your business’s symbol. We have guided many individuals and businesses in preparing and filing their trademark application and have also taken action to protect a company’s registered trademark.

Trade Secrets


To drive innovation amongst competing businesses, a company’s trade secrets are protected under state law. Under such law, other businesses cannot misappropriate your procedures or formulas for their own benefit and may be subject to litigation if this is violated. Our intellection property law firm can provide you and your business with sound advice and counsel regarding trade secret law.



Individuals and businesses naturally desire to safeguard their inventions, trademarks and creative work from infringement, but it can be often difficult to navigate the innumerable laws and policies that compose intellectual property law. Atlanta patent lawyer Michael J. Bootcheck is dedicated to helping you develop and protect your intellectual property assets.

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